The Showcase $288.00/year or $156.00/6mo* 

First we learn about you and what you do as an artist. Adding you to our data base of artists so we can connect you with the right audience for your work. This includes keeping track of who follows you currently, and who has purchased your work in the past. (That way as you grow as an artist we can keep your following up to date on what you are doing)  We build a web page showcasing who you are and what you do as an artist. This includes a written biography* and photo. An artist statement* and photos, videos or sound clips of your art and any creative stories you might want to tell about them. We will also include links to your social media.   You will be linked to our social media sites including a closed facebook group to network with other artists in our community.
You will be sent leads, for you to follow up on and asked to participate in group showings. You will also receive an invitation to attend networking events and our annual art gala showcase. (extra costs will be involved) A subscription to our monthly newsletter will be sent to you. This will include community actions, shows and other opportunities for you to grow as an artist.

*The Biography tells about the artist and who they are. The artist statement tells about the art, where it has been shown and any other achievements.

The Blank Canvas $60.00/Year

The Master Piece! $504.00/year or $273.00/6mo* 

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